Woman within and beyond Africa have begun the race of changing the aura of the world political, economical,and geographical affairs. But today,a lot of women have been relegated to house chores and other unspeakable chores; women are commonly viewed and treated as vessels in human forms to be only seen but not heard.However, a lot […]

Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs sat down to share her story of depression with essence.com, read her piece below; Growing up, I had always had these deeply sad feelings. I assumed it was just me and there was something wrong with me.

Hello Evolving Girl, Things happen in life that leave us changed… different than we were before they happened. Sometimes, friend, the changes are amazing and wonderful and awesome…yet sometimes they leave us feeling wounded, raw and confused…maybe even broken. Either way, we are changed because of what has happened…even if we did not set out […]

With youth unemployment continuously on the rise, curious documentary maker Fiona Whitty returned to Lagos for the fifth time to produce a thought- provoking documentary, where she followed the lives of three ambitious young people trying to make something of themselves in the multi-faceted city of Lagos. Here’s what she had to say during her […]