By Ruona Isikeh/Joy Odigie Some Nigerians in Benin, the Edo capital, have said that men would continue to keep mistresses, popularly called ‘side chicks’, due to their perceived benefits and strong grip. The respondents’ submissions arose from the growing reports of infidelity in the lives of men, especially the highly placed, and celebrities in society. […]

Men and women can have issues with their sex drive, which is a form of sexual dysfunction. Low libido can be a cause of concern for both men and women. When a man or woman are at a point that they are always tired to make love to their partner or are have no desire to engage […]

Your choice of colours says as much about your personality and mood as it does your style. Choosing colours for your outfits may seem like the most mundane of tasks. You think of it as mere routine, not putting much thought, effort or planning into it. But colours have a deep significance that should influence […]

Dear Pink Mafia, I’m a runz girl’ as the Nigerian parlance will tell you. I date rich older men who while they pay me for sex also pay me for my company and my discretion. Unfortunately, I have now fallen in love.