Modeling is undoubtedly one of the world’s most challenging and exciting careers. But what are the challenges that come with this line of work? And what makes it worth all the hassle?  Being a top model is something that many people aspire to become. It can be glamorous and rewarding, but it also comes with […]

To become a model is challenging as the industry is super competitive. Most models sign up with modeling agencies to land lucrative modeling jobs. But if you decide to become a freelance model, there are several ways of marketing yourself to ensure you become a top shot model. Have a Great Portfolio A portfolio is […]

Many new models are surprised to hear that they’re expected to have marketing materials. Maybe they didn’t know models needed things like composite cards, portfolios, and active social media. Or perhaps they thought it was not necessary to put together these essential items. Whatever the reason, the real story is that models are considered to […]