Timi Dakolo Is Nigeria’s Most Sought-After Music Heartthrob

Nigerian music star, Timi Dakolo, has come a long way from his days as a contestant on Idols West Africa and is now the favourite of many a fan. Read everything we know about him here!

“We’re a nation, undivided and poised. We will take our stand and build our land.”

From one of Timi Dakolo’s acclaimed songs come these lyrics of unity, strength and patriotism. Tuneful with lines that inspire hope, this song, titled ‘Great Nation’, was produced in 2011 as part of the songster’s album, ‘Beautiful Noise.’

Soon after it hit the airwaves, ‘Great Nation’ became a huge success, turning into an anthem of sorts and receiving massive airplay on national holidays, like Independence Day and Democracy Day.

The song was truly worthy of the tag ‘masterpiece’, which it had come to be known as. But this was not the first time the music star would sing a song that was considered a masterpiece. Before then was ‘Iyawo Mi’ (2014), which was played at almost every Nigerian wedding ceremony. Next came ‘Wish me Well’ a year after, which remains one of Dakolo’s most well-received songs till date.

Known for his beautiful lyrics and great tunes, the soulful singer has set himself apart in the Nigerian music industry with his unique voice and melodious songs that make him the favourite of many a fan.

Timi Dakolo

The Music Journey

Dakolo’s music journey began in 2006 when he won the inaugural edition of Idols West Africa. The former student of Communication Studies at the University of Port Harcourt started singing at an early age, with his aunty, Susan Larry, acting as his singing coach.

His grandmother, with whom he lived, also greatly influenced his love for music and encouraged him to join the choir at the age of twelve. She would later nudge him to join a musical group.

Young Dakolo made the most of his time in the choir, honing his skills and learning as much as he could about music. His love for music continued to grow, and he soon became a founding member of the group, Purple Love. The group was disbanded, though, after its members gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt.

It was around this time that the singer won a local talent hunt contest, called G.E FACTO, which held in Port Harcourt.

Timi Dakolo


After winning Idols West Africa, the music star was signed by Sony BMG Records and quickly rose to stardom. As a tribute to his late grandmother, when the show ended, he recorded a rock ballad, ‘Heaven Please’, where he featured the rapper, MI.

In 2011, he released his debut album, ‘Beautiful Noise’, which included some of his best songs, like ‘Love Song’, ‘There’s a Cry’, ‘So Beautiful’ and the popular ‘Great Nation.’ The album was no doubt a commercial success, garnering critical acclaim. His second album, ‘Merry Christmas, Darling’ was released in 2019.

Hardwork, passion and determination are this 39-year-old’s watchwords and they have fetched him recognition and quite a number of awards. He was nominated for ‘Hip Hop World Revelation of The Year’ at the Headies 2010.

Estimated to be worth over $3 million, Dakolo has a record deal with the Virgin Emi Records (UMG) and he is one of the judges on The Voice Nigeria.


For this father-of-three, with many EPs, singles, and compilations, family comes first. He is devoted to his wife, Busola Dakolo, to whom he has been married for eight years.

Timi Dakolo and Wife
Timi Dakolo and Family
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