Yemi Alade Discusses Nigerian Music and More On ‘Sunday Brunch’ Show

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, who fondly loves to call herself Mama Africa, was on the Sunday Brunch Show earlier, where she discussed music and more.

The singer, who is currently on tour, discussed with the hosts about her music and why she decided to live more in the UK than Nigeria.

Yemi revealed that she loves the UK because it’s easier for her to travel all around the world from there, and also because she has her people over there. She did not fail to hint that she loves to go where the money is.

On why she goes to Nigeria once in a while, it’s for her to get a wardrobe change, as most of her attires are African and she can easily get the original ones over here in Nigeria. She also mentioned that her mom is back home, which is another reason.

Speaking about the Nigerian music scene, Yemi Alade remarks that there is a healthy competition amongst Nigerian artists, which goes to show how much they try to better one another, rather than engage in unhealthy competitions.



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