Emmanuel Ofuo Covers Fourwall Magazine’s November Special Issue

Fourwall Magazine November 2021 special edition featuring King Emmanuel Ofuo. This edition is tagged Model Issue. He is an actor, pageant consultant, real estate sales man, and currently the winner of Prestigious King Nigeria Culture 2021.

My journey breaking into the modeling industry has been nothing short of a rollercoaster of experiences that have all lead to this very moment. Writing this blog post, recalling as much detail as possible is difficult being that it is now 5 years later from when this journey of mine truly began. My interest in the industry began at 13 years old where at the time I was tall for my age and had a naturally tiny build due to my fast metabolism. I was told by a lot of adults I should model because that super tiny build was a prominent industry standard at the time.

Find out more about what is inside below…

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: “This issue is incredibly special to me, featuring not only a star that have inspired me personally, but who never give up. As I reflect back on what has been an amazing journey of doing what I truly love, I hope it inspires our readers to believe in their own dreams and creative goals.” – Emmanuel Abazu

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