Exclusive Interview With King Oladeji Excel: Little Mr Africa Toto Category 2022

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Excel Oladeji, 6 year old kid model with other interest in dancing and acting. I am a grade 1 student of International College of Science and Technology (ICAST). 

Your journey so far in the Modeling industry.

I started modeling as a toddler from the days of my mom bribing me with sweets and chocolate to becoming this confident runway model. With several trainings, mentoring and grooming, I have been able to polish my modelling craft. It hasn’t been an easy one merging it with academics but my mom has been very supportive.

How was the experience during Little Mr Africa Nigeria?

Little Mr Africa Nigeria pushed me farther than my regular boundaries. It was such a learning and exponential experience for me. I didn’t just compete, I also learnt, learnt other dynamics of modelling such as public speaking and group dance. Meeting other contestants and rehearsal together gave me the feeling of boot camp. I absolutely love it.

How does it feel winning a title in Little Mr Africa Nigeria Toto Category?

I feel immensely blessed! I feel another measure of happiness and I’m very grateful for the organizers. Their transparency and honesty is refreshing. 

What inspired you to join modeling?

As a child, I have always loved the camera. I loved been the spotlight. My mom would say after dressing me up, I would walk round and round the house beaming with smiles, I guess she picked that as a hint to me liking modelling. Since I became aware of this gift, I have envisioned myself on state and National billboards. I can’t wait to see what the future has for me.

Exclusive Interview With Oladeji Excel

Are you pursuing modeling as a career or its just a fun for you?

I am pursuing modelling as a career.

Which was your first shoot, and how did you like it?

My first shoot was for a clothing brand, PinkyFit By Joke. It was great working with a kids clothing brand, wearing several outfits and seeing them all looking perfect on me is beautiful. 

Who is your superhero?

My mom is my superhero! She has been a rock. Never stopped believing in me and investing into improving my craft. She would research videos of models and encourage me to try different runway styles! She’s my superhero. 

What brands have you worked with in the past?

I have worked with lots of brands, some of which are;

YNorth, Pinkyfit by Joke, Afro king and Queen, Collectionz by Double-e

How has winning this title impacted in your life?

I’m looking forward to experiencing all the exciting fortune and exposures winning this title will bring to me.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes I’m willing to travel.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself as a Teen Model, working with international brands, referred to Teen King of modeling, featuring in movies. I see myself becoming a refined version.

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