Exclusive Interview With Ojirhayi Olivia, Winner Face Of Saay 2020

16 years old, Ojirhayi Ogheneyoma Olivia, hails from Delta state and a student of Federal Government Girl’s College Ibusa. She’s the winner of Face of Saay. In this interview with Fourwall Magazine, she talks about her journey as a model and how winning this contest will help her break into the modeling industry.

FOURWALL: How do you feel emerging the winner of Face of Saay?

OLIVIA: I feel so happy to emerge as the winner of Face of Saay. I never expected this, I’m really happy.

FOURWALL: What was the motive of participating in this online contest?

OLIVIA: It has always been my dream to be celebrated by people and to be a well known model in Nigeria, so when the opportunity came to show case my talent I gave in.

FOURWALL: How long have you been in the modeling industry?

OLIVIA: Hmmnn…Actually, I’m new in the modelling industry but with time I hope to go far.

FOURWALL: Are you pursuing modeling as a career or just for fun?

OLIVIA: I am pursuing modelling as a career and also for fun.

FOURWALL: Who is your role model?

OLIVIA: My role model in the modelling industry is Agbani Darego.

FOURWALL: Do you think winning this contest is a big step for you breaking into the modeling market?

OLIVIA: Yes, I think winning this contest is a big step, the contest has gone a long way in giving me limelight in the modelling Market and I am really happy.

FOURWALL: What is your modeling dream job?

OLIVIA: I wish to be an ambassador of so many brands like Eva and so on.

FOURWALL: What really inspired you to pursue modeling as a career?

OLIVIA: I got my inspiration when I noticed young girls going places with their modeling business, i felt i could give it a try and be a success in the modeling business.

FOURWALL: How have you been coping with the challenges of being a model?

OLIVIA: I am coping well by God’s grace, I have family and friends who got my back and support me.

FOURWALL: Which brand are you looking forward to model for?

OLIVIA: I am looking forward to model for bigger brands like Eva, Royal hair etc.

FOURWALL: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

OLIVIA: In the next five years I see myself as one of the top model in Nigeria and International model. I see myself as a popular model who is been wanted to model for every brand. In all, I see myself as a successful model.

Model Olivia is available for photoshoot, products advert, brand awareness, billboard and editiorial/print shoot.

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Whatsapp: 08117164943
Instagram: Oh_lih_via

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