Exclusive Interview With Queen Daniel Precious: Cultural Queen Africa 2022

One of Nigeria’s most prominent models, beauty queen, Daniel Precious who emerged the winner of Cultural Queen Africa 2022. In this interview, she speaks on her plan as a new reigning queen, new projects and more.

Congratulations on emerging the of winner Cultural Queen Africa 2022, how does that make you feel?

I honestly can’t express how I feel till date I still can’t believe I’m wearing the crown of a winner, this is my biggest dream in life and having my dream come true Is the greatest feeling ever.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Queen Daniel precious, a skin care therapist, director and founder of The Nigerian ladies for good governance and a professional model. Currently the cultural Queen Africa 2022.

What were the challenges you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

There was no much challenges for me because I had friends who were willing to help via sponsorship and motivation, so all I did was follow up on every task and assignment (camp activities inclusive). Other little challenges were working out to feel more confident with my body on stage, rehearsing consistently on my catwalk, choosing the right costumes etc. so I enrolled for Aerobics sections and Ramp walk rehearsals in preparation for the competition.

What would you say stood you out from other contestants?

I would say character, personality, humility and God’s grace.

How was the bonding with other contestants?

Cool. I made just few friends because I love to keep a tiny circle.

What was your best moments during the pageant?

So many best moments and memories from the daily sumptuous meals we had in camp to our nature exploration and horse riding in the zoo, beach tour and boat cruise and most importantly my victory and crowning moments all was worth calling best moments.

How long have you been in the modeling?

10 years

What motivated you to contest for Cultural Queen Africa?

I am a fan of everything culture and tradition so when I came across the pageant name on Instagram it caught my attention and that was it.

How has winning this pageant changed your life?

So much that I wouldn’t be able to mention all , my whole existence change drastically the respect and favors I get from people is top notch, I get series of recognition all over till now.

What should we expect from your reign?

A lot of giving back to humanity, and appreciation to God.

Have you done any pet project yet? if yes, tell us about it

Not yet but currently working towards it.

Has been a beauty queen clashed with your personality?

Not at all cause I know how to manage both my office and personal life and as a Queen I should be able to manage both accordingly.

Any bad experience since you started modeling?

None because I am never desperate.

How would you rate Nigeria modeling industry so far?


Who is your role model?

My Mother

What does the sash and crown symbolize to you?

Service to humanity, power and Authority.

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursed?


Which brands are looking forward to work with?

International brands

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Well I see a phenomenal woman doing well for herself in all spheres you of life.

How can interested brands or persons that want to work with you reach out?

Through cultural Queen Africa pageant organization for now but after my reign, through my Instagram handle.

Any advice to the aspiring models that aspire to wear the crown of Cultural Queen Africa?

First believe in yourself, inculcate in yourself a golden character and humility be dedicated and hardworking, never be desperate and lastly Do not forget to Always pray.

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