Queen Sophia Judith, a medical student, model and an entrepreneur who currently own one of the best online kitchen’s in south east and the 2nd Supreme Queen International but will be handing over in few days. In this interview with her, she talked about her journey as a beauty queen and many more…

How did your journey into the beauty pageantry begun?

My journey into beauty pageant began right from when I was in primary school, it has always being a thing of excitement for me. You know the whole camera game, being on the spotlight and getting cheers from the crowd.

What were the challenges you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

I didn’t really encounter much difficulty, but, at the peak of camp resumption I was robbed off a lot of valuables, my phone inclusive, so it broke me, to make matters worst, it was exam period, so all of this almost made me option out of the contest. But then, one thing I tell myself is whenever a breakthrough wants to happen, devil will always come fighting..so with that, I stood up and faced my issues head on.

What would you say stood you out from others?

Let’s say my calm nature. Every other contestants were unique in their own ways but I do say my calm nature, confidence, Smartness, composure, my efforts and dedication i put in during the contest. I believe my humility was also an advantage.

Share with us your experience during the Supreme Queen contest?

It was an unbelievable experience for me. I froze on stage while being announced as the winner of the contest. I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy, tears of victory that evening of the grand show, cause I didn’t see the win coming. I’m grateful for that experience and opportunity because it exposed me to a lot of things. I learned a lot during the camping days, get to meet different ladies. It was all fun up.

What would you say made you stand out from others?

My smile, it always has a way of lightening the atmosphere…like there’s never a dull moment when I’m in a space, let’s say I carry life in me, so once I step in, everyone shares in it.

How did winning this pageant impacted in your life?

For real winning this pageant gave me a platform that made a big change in my life.. It helps me boost my confidence level. It gave me the platform to make impact and inspire lives. My crown and sash brought me recognition as well, and respect. Yeah, it made me well respected amongst my peers, and you know they all wants to associate with the queen.

Has been a beauty queen ever clashed with your personality?

No, it has never clashed. Being a queen is my personality, so let’s say it added up to who i am.

What projects have you embarked on since you were crowned?

I’ve carried out a school debate competition project between students, and gave a good cash price to the winner, consolation prizes to the participants and other students, You know to give them that motivation that it really pays to be knowledgeable. I partnered with Muna foundation. And I also paid visit to orphanage home.

In beauty pageantry, did you have any mentors?

I don’t really have one, but I enjoy watching pageant queens who are making so much waves in the industry, the likes of Queen Damilola, Maris Elle and Oluchi’. I admire them for real, and somehow the motivate me to do more.

What does the sash and crown symbolize to you?

The sash and crown is a symbol of authority to me. The fact that I take on certain decisions and it stands, and it’s being carried out to the core is a flex for me. I work into a place and I get attended to because I’m on my crown and my sash. To conclude, my crown and my sash is my symbol of power and authority as a pageant queen.

How would you describe your journey as the Supreme Queen International?

I do describe my journey so far as the supreme queen international, SPECTACULAR.

What is your vision for the society and what impact would you like to make?

My vision for the society is to make sure every child within my area is not out of school because of money lack. When you go to the street in the morning you see kids hawking varieties. It breaks me for real, and i must see to it.

How do you relax as you are quite busy with different engagements?

You know There’s no relaxation until death. For now, basically what I do is sleep when I can…and that’s that.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

5 years from now, I should be a very successful business woman, an outstanding beauty queen, a role model to many, a wife and a mother of let’s say 2 beautiful children.

What message do you have for young ladies aspiring to become a beauty queen?

My message to you all is simple. There’s nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it. Don’t be scared of storms, it must surely com What u do determines if the storm will break you, or you will over come it triumphantly.

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