Exclusive Interview With Queen Precious Achor, Winner, Face of Tranquility 2021/22.

Queen Precious Chibunma Achor is a model and a beauty queen, she hails from Ikwerre in Rivers state. She is a student of University of Port Harcourt and currently the reigning queen of Face of Tranquility 2021/22. In this interview with Fourwall Magazine, she talks about her experience contesting in the pageant and her future plans…

How does it feel winning Face of Tranquility Nigeria?

It feels good, it’s amazing.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?

I finally did it despite being discouraged by friends.

Queen Precious Achor

How did your friends and family members react to your victory?

Most of them were there with me and they were very happy, it was like they were more happy than I was.

In your words, what do you think stood you out from the other contestants?

I was unique, bold and confident.

How long have you been in the modeling Industry?

I’ve been in the modeling industry for about 3 years.

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursued?

I’d have ventured into Acting full time

Who is your role model?

I admire Princess onums

What should people be expecting from you?

Smile,I really can’t say for now but at the end of my reign I know I’d achieve a lot.

Which brands are you looking forward to working with?

I look forward to working with fashion brands.

Tell us about the experience since you were crowned?

It has been a wonderful experience from the shoots, to the radio tour and invite to few events, it has been wonderful.

How do you intend to use this new office to make an impact in society?

I intend using my office to carry out a lot of projects, for mothers, widows, orphans and students.

Lastly, any message to all the aspiring guys who dream of being a Queen?

Yes, Do not give up, keep pushing ahead, one day your hard work will pay.

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