I Discovered Myself Through This Pageant – Queen Mercy Ijeh

Queen Mercy Ijeh is professional model, a beauty queen and currently the reigning No Makeup Queen Culture 2023. She is a very simple lady, genuine, confident with great personality. In this interview with Queen Mercy, she shared with us her experience in pageantry, future plans and many more…

How does it feel emerging this position?

I feel like I can actually achieve whatever I set my mind to . I feel so pleased. 

What were the  challenges you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

I faced challenges like creating a fan base for myself. Getting people to support my dream the emerging the winner was difficult. When I got to the camp and started the learning process and activities. 

What would you say stood you out from other contestants?

I think being unique as a person and my complexion too.

What was your best moments during the pageant?

When I got to learn about the internet of things during the tech lectures. I also enjoyed everything… It was so much fun. 

How long have you been in the modeling?

I just started my modeling career. 

What motivated you to contest for No Makeup Queen Africa Pageant?

The concept of the pageant actually motivated me which is discovering the inner beauty in me.

How has winning this pageant impacted in your life?

It has really impacted my life in the sense that I get to meet and network with different kind of people then get to learn a lot.

How has your journey as a beauty queen been so far?

It’s has been going well and it’s been hectic too. I am currently working on a project and it is taking a lot. Am really enjoying this because I get discover another part of me in a positive way.

Have you done any pet project yet?

No I haven’t 

Has been a beauty queen clashed with your personality?

Yes it has, positively.

Any bad experience since you started modeling?

Yes, getting a no response when going to get sponsorship for my project.

How do you intend to use this your office to motivate other aspiring models?

I can use this office as a platform to inspire aspiring models by mentoring, sharing experiences, and creating opportunities for learning and growth within the modeling industry. Leading by example and promoting a positive and supportive environment can motivate others to pursue their goals in the field.

What does the sash and crown symbolize to you?

The sash and crown are often symbolic of achievement, recognition, and status. They are commonly associated with beauty pageants, where the crown represents a title of distinction and the sash may display the winner’s name, title, or the name of the pageant. 

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursed?

I am currently an IT Analyst 

Which brands are looking forward to work with?

Am currently working with Earth Elegance and i look foward to work with Explore Tech.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Visualizing myself in the next 5 years involves setting personal and professional goals. This will include my career aspirations, personal development, or any specific achievements.

How can interested brands or persons that want to work with you reach out?

Interested brands or individuals can collaborate with me by reaching out through my various channelson social media, professional networking platforms, or contacting me directly through my representative or agency. 

Instagram: Mercye30 Facebook: Mercy Ijeh Email: [email protected]

Any advice to the aspiring  models that aspire to wear the crown of No Makeup Queen Pageant?

For aspiring models eyeing the title of No Makeup Queen Pageant, my advice would be to focus on embracing natural beauty, confidence, and authenticity. Practice prioritizing self-love, and showcase your unique features. Demonstrate genuine passion for the concept of the pageant, and let your personality shine through. Remember, it’s not about covering flaws but celebrating individuality. Confidence in your own skin will make a lasting impression.

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