Models Are Not Prostitute, Achieving Great Goals In Life Is Our Priority – Model, Jessica Ikoi

Jessica Ikoi is a crossiverian model, ex beauty queen and a makeup artist. She started her modeling career few years back as a fashion model. She is passionate about creative art work and always ready to learn new modeling skills. On this interview with Fourwall Magazine she talks about her journey in the modeling industry and her future plans.

How did you start modeling?

Smiles!  Modeling has ever been my favorite thing. I love fashion from my childhood days till date…i always have  confidence  to face camera, standing with the mirror striking poses back then even when I don’t know what modeling was… Along the line, I browsed about modeling which became my food for thought. I starting learning modeling through the internet, reading models resume, magazine, news paper, watch catwalk videos, fashion Tv shows, everything related to modeling. With the ambitiousness I had I developed a more serious model trait, with my skinny body and face, I was set. On the process, I meet a modeling consultant in 2016. Here i am today, exploring with the modeling industry.

What was your first break  in the modeling industry?

Becoming a model is not being good looking with great statistics, No. There is more to that. My first break in modeling wasn’t as easy as you can see amazing photos in my media. Actually, I went through several modeling interviews, casting, training, photo session for a year +. I never gave up. Finally, I got a signed contract with a Beautyshop as a brand ambassador in 2017… Along the line, I got my first award from “Homie Entertaiment” in Lagos as most beautiful model 2017. I put in professionalism towards hardwork. If you are serious about breaking into the modeling industry, there should be something different about you. Clients want to hire models who have understanding of modeling and can handle the tough aspect of this profession.

What has been your challenges getting this far?

Every profession has it ups and down, so do modeling. Behind the glamour, makeup, photo shots and magazine cover lies a lot of pain. Modeling requires extensive startup and maintenance cost which agencies demand. Financial income was my challenge, insufficient fund to run project related to modeling, payment delay after some jobs, walking rehearsals distance on heels, spending hours on photo shots , people trying to dig deep into your private life, critics and modeling being viewed as a “whore “. I am always ready to accept criticism; I embrace it since it help me improve and become a better model.

When you are not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things you do?

 I love anything that involve craft, creativity, and design… I spend most of my time designing Beads, make simple stylish dress, or makeup artistry work sometimes.I love outreach so i always volunteer to join a team in charity work, and attending Events.

What has been your favorite job so far?

Modeling is a full time job that requires a lot of discipline, passion and commitment so far, my favorite job has been to advertise products visually, representing fashion collection on the runway that is a lot of good vibe.

As an ex-beauty Queen, how was your reign?

I am usually positive when it comes to things that concern me. It was a great opportunity for me. So grateful about my reign, i had to impact  in my own little way because I love charity duties and also got the opportunity to meet with different personality. It was an unforgettable memory.

How did winning the pageant changed your life?

Winning the pageant fixed me in a positive position for life..”Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” the burden of the title brought out great attributes in me, becoming a role model to others, which I am grateful for everyday. I dont intend to have a different lifestyle because I  am a Queen. I am always simple, respectful and positive personally. Pride has never being my trait so, I never intend to allow the title changed my life style.

If you where not a model, what would you want do?

Modeling is a precious work, and doesn’t last for ever. Even to the most successful models. Outside modeling, I will simply find myself engaged in the fashion designers world, a pro makeup artist along side. I studied Business education (accounting) I can simply become an educationist. A great office work will do too, while I run my business.

Have you been sexually harassed in the modeling industry?

Models are exposed to a whole lots of different personality every step of the way and can fall victim if not wise and careful. I have never been sexually embarrassed in the modeling industry. Be it any kind of act. I know my worth and I draw a beautiful line between work and pleasure. If my statistics cannot land me a good casting, I move forward in search for a better engagement.

With the on going tag “models are prostitute” what is your say?

People always tag and see models as prostitute, but that is just the mindset. I know my worth so do most models do… For the fact that we are exposed to different personality, friendly, and dawn on earth doesn’t mean we are prostitute. Models are different from prostitute. Models are goal getters, models are role model to the society, models are vessels use to showcase hidden potential beauties, modeling is a show business represented by models through art work, magazines, fashion design… It is in modeling that beauty queens are emerged to represent the orphanage, least privileged individual, to give love, peace and hope to the hopeless, to be voice to the voiceless. This is what model/Queens do. We give people their lost happiness. Achieving great goals in life is our priority.

What is your dream modeling job?

Modeling is Everything, I mean doing what my heart pleases is really fun. My dream modeling job is to be a published fashion model, with creative project, along side; runway, Boudoir, prints, glamour.

Are you signed by any agency or you work as a freelance?

Over time, I have worked with few agencies/ management for now I am a freelance model.

How can brands interested in hiring you reach you? 

I am a published fashion model, I love being in front of the camera, I love fashion collection shot like; swim wear, Boudoir, print, promo, runway and glamour. I base in Port Harcourt and I am available to travel.

For booking you can contact me or follow me on social media.

Instagram: @officialjesss

Facebook: @Jessica ikoi

Twitter: @model_jess

WhatsApp or call: @08038775363

Email: @[email protected]

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