Mr and Miss Global Affairs Royalties On Fourwall Magazine Special Issue.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Fourwall Magazine November 2022 special issue featuring the winners of Mr and Miss Global Affairs Pageant. These personalities represent BEAUTY WITH HOPE & LOVE this Issue tagged.

Mr and Miss Global Affairs (MMGA) pageant provides empowerment through tourism an entertainment. Our competition don’t just focus on beauty but provides participants the opportunity to grow and advance in their personal and career goals.

The pageant aims to channel beauty pageant entertainment industry as a tool for advancing social and economic development, and avail contestants the opportunity to become agent of change to help address global issues.

We made our first entrance into the pageant entertainment industry with the 2021 edition.


Download the complete issue and find out more about what is inside below…

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: “This issue is incredibly special to me, featuring not only beauty queens but who doesn’t let their dreams remain dreams. As I reflect back on what has been an amazing journey of doing what I truly love, I hope it inspires our readers to believe in their own dreams and creative goals.” – Emmanuel Abazu

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