Winning This Crown Is A Dream Come True – Queen Vivian Edwin

Queen Vivian Edwin popularly known as Queen diva is a final year student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, studying her dream course, theatre and film. She hails from Abagana, Anambra state and the current Queen of Queen Igbowood. In this interview with Fourwall Magazine, she shared her journey as a beauty queen, experiences and many more…

What were the challenges you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

Well I guess money was the biggest challenge I had and then making choices for my different outfits was also a kind of challenge. I had to talk to one of my uncle abroad to help me with funds for the contest and he obliged, if not for him, I don’t know where else I would have gotten the funds from and to him I’m forever grateful to and for the choice of outfits. I had a problem selecting which was best and which to go for so I had to ask my superiors and my friends to make their choices from the ones I selected and the one majority chose was the one I went for.

What would you say stood you out from other contestants?

My uniqueness, calmness, boldness, smiles, confidence, cheerfulness and doing the same thing every one does in an entirely different way.

How was the bonding with other contestants?

It wasn’t hard bonding with them because I really know how to accommodate people. I have a high level of tolerance and my calmness is 100 percent and I’m very humble, I am beautiful and I have a lovable personality so it wasn’t hard bonding with them as they were lovable and all friendly too.

What was your best moments during the pageant?

I guess it was the moment I was announced the winner of the pageant.

How long have you been in the modeling?

4 years now.

What motivated you to contest for Queen of Igbowood?

The former pageant I contested for, I was the best contestant but I wasn’t given my rightful crown so I refused to back down and I said I won’t give up until I get what I deserve.

How has winning this pageant changed your life?

It has been an amazing journey. Meeting new people and important personalities too. Going for different events and been recognized and addressed as a queen…that sure feels good.

How has your journey as a beauty queen been so far?

It’s been wonderful journey, it has changed somethings about me. like the way I walk, the way I talk and the things I do. And also the respect and recognition I get from people even the ones that are older and more important than I am. It’s really been an amazing journey truly.

Have you done any pet project yet? if yes, tell us about it

I have a pet project I’m to work on and it’s still under way, it hasn’t been actualized yet.

Has been a Beauty Queen clashed with your personality?

Not really, before becoming a pageant queen, I knew the do’s and don’t of a queen and it has been my lifestyle and personality so been a pageant queen just complimented my personality and made me a true queen indeed.

Who is your role model?

Kylie Jenner

What does the sash and crown symbolize to you?

It symbolizes royalty responsibility and reward for hard work.

Tell us about Queen of Igbowood pageant?

It’s a pageantry hosted by Igbowood and Igbowood is an association of indigenous Igbo film Makers worldwide.

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursed?

Acting and dancing and I’m still pursuing acting because I’m passionate about it too.

Which brands are looking forward to work with?

I look forward to working with lush hair, New age, Dufil prima foods and Coca cola.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

One of the biggest models and actress in Nigeria.

Any advice to the aspiring models that aspire to wear the crown of Queen of Igbowood pageant?

I will say they should be humble, hardworking, smart cheerful and friendly and they should also never give up until they get their crown!

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