Controversial Preacher, Mummy G.O, Says Valentine’s Day Celebration Is ‘Satanic’

Controversial Nigerian preacher, Funmilayo Adebayo, better known as Mummy G.O has criticized the concept of Valentine’s Day.

Preaching at her church, Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God in Lagos, the controversial ‘woman of God’ stated that Valentine’s Day is satanic and should not be celebrated.

She explained that Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every 14th of February, was initiated by the kingdom of darkness to destroy people.

The evangelist said,

“The story that happened that they said they are celebrating as Valentine does not deserve celebration.

The story has nothing to celebrate, but the enemy just chose it because that man — Valentino or what did they call him — they knew everybody loves him because he is a good person, who helped people and showed love to everyone.

“Yet, how did he die? He died a useless, terrible death. He died of dejection if you know the story very well. Is that something that needs to be celebrated? No.

“But they purposely chose it because the kingdom of darkness needs a day dedicated to falling, destruction and how do you convince people to celebrate immorality: they use popular figures loved by others.”

Watch her preach below.

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