The Last Five Minute Mistake

Be Careful With Your Life!

Have you ever pondered what happens when you are with a stranger in the night in the name of pleasure?

The period where you seem to be at the state of unconsciousness?
The period where you cease to respond to your environment but seem to be more active in the dream world?

The class became quite, and everyone became apprehensive as Prof. Adekunle asked these questions.

At this point you could hear a pin drop.

“Is God truly wicked?” Prof. Adekunle continued… “If he is, why does he protect us from the enemy and show us mercy even when we aren’t worthy of his forgiveness”
Upon seeing how apprehensive the class was, Prof. Adekunle decided to share his experience of “the last five minute mistake”.

“It was on Saturday evening,” he continued… “I came into contact with this beautiful young lady whom i presumed was stranded along the road and decided to slow down to give her a ride. Hello pretty lady!!”

“Hello sir!” She responded.

“Are you heading my direction?” I asked her.

“Sure!” she said without giving a second thought.

Seeing how pretty she looked, I saw this as an opportunity to have her in my arms. “But what should a married and a well-respected man be doing with such a girl?” I asked myself.

As I struggled with the thought, she requested my name and we started a chat while I headed toward the nearest hotel.

Being the smartest guy that I had always seen myself as, I pulled over and immediately booked a room for us to have some quiet time before I proceeded with my journey to see my lovely family, little did I know it was the end of my journey. Without altering words, she followed me to the room.

After having some drink with her, she requested we take a bath together. Without objecting to her offer, i jumped off the bed and took off my clothes. It was right there in the bathroom that i realized that behind so many beautiful ladies are tickets to the world of the doomed.

The last thing I could remember was a marine being holding my neck, trying to strangle me to death. The next place I saw myself was in a courtroom where I saw the lady and some other victims that were awaiting trials.

“What am I doing here?” I asked myself. It was right there and then I realized I was no more on planet earth.

“But why, Mr. Adekunle?” asked a young man in a white gown. “You have been faithful in serving God. You have even brought so much joy and pride to our Lord that he had prepared a beautiful seat for you any time you came home.

Even your family, which you left for such a long time, always knocked at our door in prayer to ensure we kept you safe. But with just a few kilometres to your home, you decided to have a five minute drink with the devil and here you are. WHAT A FIVE MINUTE GREAT MISTAKE you have made!

It pains me to tell you that your 3 year-old child is knocking right now in prayer for you and the Lord has ordered we send you back to see her.

But know this… that every one of your good works is forgotten with a 5 minute mistake. Ensure you fight the good fight to the end. Don’t forget the devil waits at every junction… BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR LIFE.”

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