Exclusive Interview With Queen Adeyemo Deborah: Most Beautiful Girl In Iba 2022

Adeyemo Deborah Adeola who hails from Osun State. Born and brought up in Lagos and a student of Lagos State University, currently in her penultimate year studying Chemistry. She is a content creator, professional model, makeup artist, fashion stylist and also the winner of Most Beautiful Girl in Iba 2022.

Congratulations on emerging Most Beautiful Girl in Iba 2022, how does this make you feel?

Thank you very much. I feel so excited to emerge as the most beautiful girl in Iba 2022 and to be a queen with great responsibilities.

What were the  challenges you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

So the major challenges I faced during the contest was sorting and styling how I wanted to look in my costumes. I was able to conquer this by reaching out to people who had experience with pageants and also going extra mile to improve on the recommendations I was given. I also had challenges getting people to buy tickets to come support as well as health issues at that time. All these challenges didn’t affect my performance because of my passion and drive to succeed.

What would you say stood you out from other contestants?

My drive, passion, talent and hunger for excellence stood me out from other contestants.

How was the bonding with other contestants?

This was quite easy because I was able to strike a balance between building a beneficial relationship with other contestants while also keeping the competitive spirit alive. 

What was your best moments during the pageant?

I enjoyed the cat-walk and dance training the most.

How long have you been in the modeling?

Ans; I have been in the modeling industry for 5 years.

What motivated you to contest for Most Beautiful Girl in Iba?

I wanted to have a taste of  pageant experience outside school and to handle the responsibilities that comes with being a pageant queen. 

How has winning this pageant changed your life?

I look forward to more positive impact since I just emerged as the queen but so far, the brand has been pushing us out there and as the winner, I look forward to do more. 

What should we expect from your reign?

Expect the unexpected because I know God is about to use me positively for the brand.

Have you done any pet project yet? if yes, tell us about it

None yet, I just emerged as the queen so I’m working on that.

Has been a beauty queen clashed with your personality?

It has not affected my personality.

Any bad experience since you started modeling?

Yes, we are often seen as people who might have used their bodies to go far.

How would you rate Nigeria modeling industry so far?

The Nigerian modeling industry has been improving over the years. We now get recognized on the global scale.

Who is your role model?

Naomi Campbell.

What does the sash and crown symbolize to you?

It symbolizes royalty, authority and power.

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursed?

I would have put in more efforts in my music career.

Which brands are looking forward to work with?

I look forward to working  with any brand that brings positivity to the table cos I have a lot and will be willing to use my talents, skills and intelligence to promote the brand. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Married and heading a fashion brand of mine, a brand with international recognition.

How can interested brands or persons that want to work with you reach out?

Interested brands can reach out to me on my Instagram, via mail and my phone line.

Instagram: @debby_mamacita Email: @[email protected]

Any advice to the aspiring  models that aspire to wear the crown of MBGI?

I would love to tell the aspiring models that whenever you make a decision with the goal to be the queen; no matter the difficulties you face as long as it’s not life demanding, just possess a competitive winning spirit. Always stay positive, no matter how beautiful other contestants may be; you are the Queen MBGI needs. When you face difficulties sorting out the costumes you picture on you, reach out to fashion stylist and also those who are more experienced in pageant to put you through the right path. You do not know it all. Number 1 of it all, commit the journey into the hands of GOD and watch how He makes it all easy for you. I wish the next MBGI Queen good luck.

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