Interview With Queen Oyewole Oyinkansola, Second Face Of Wave Nigeria, Top Model.

Queen Oyewole Oyinkansola Victoria is a professional model and beauty queen. She is currently the second, Face of Wave Nigeria. In this interview with Fourwall Magazine, she spoke to us about her experience in the modeling industry…

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Oyewole Oyinkansola Victoria, the first child of a family of six. Raised in a Christian home with belief of never discriminating based on religion because I grew up in a Muslim neighborhood. I am a student and likewise C.E.O of Vee’s Adire textile. I love fashion and most especially dealing with ladies physically appearance.

How does emerging Face of Wave Nigeria Top Model made you feel?

I felt happy and glad to be privileged to be FOWN top model.

Did you feel you deserve to be the main winner?

Yes, I felt I deserve it but no matter what God’s grace singled me out.

What do you think the judge were looking out in selecting winners?

I think it’s the physical structure, beauty, attitude and  team working abilities.

Is this your first pageant?


How long have you been in the modeling industry?

As mention earlier, this is my first step into the modeling industry.

What is the biggest challenge since you started modeling?

Picking an awesome outfit that compliment the show and satisfies the brand manager.

How have winning the pageant impacted your life?

Now, I have more believe in my self that I can achieve all with determination and grace.

What other career would you have pursued if you were not modeling?


I felt I deserve it but no matter what God’s grace singled me out.

Queen Oyewole Oyinkansola

Tell us your greatest moment since you started modeling?

My greatest moment was the first day I met with the brand manager and my teams, I felt welcomed into the right place.

Which brand or celebrity are you looking forward to work with?

Elite model look

Any role model in the modeling industry?

Shatu Garko, the 44th Miss Nigeria

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A renowned lawyer with several investment in the fashion world.

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