I’m a Runz Girl and I’m in love with the son of my “Runz”

Dear Pink Mafia,

I’m a runz girl’ as the Nigerian parlance will tell you. I date rich older men who while they pay me for sex also pay me for my company and my discretion. Unfortunately, I have now fallen in love.

My falling-in-love is not the problem, the issue is that he is the son of one of my “runz” and while he doesn’t know, he’s father obviously does and is threatening to tell him unless I leave his son or continue sleeping with him. This is not a situation I ever thought I would find myself. I need your advice.


Dear Jummy,

I wish I could give you good news and say follow your heart, but in this case I would say follow your head and as my mother would say ‘tell your secrets and let the world help you cover it’.

There is no way this man will allow you commit matrimony with his son particularly as he sees you in a certain light and even if you do sleep with him to keep him quiet in the short term, eventually something will tell or you will crack.

This is not the answer I know you want to hear, but it is the only correct one- tell this love and be prepared to leave, because if you stay and compromise on this, I can guarantee you will do this for the rest of your life. That’s a sorry way to live.

I’m 44 and she is 24, we are worlds apart. Help!

Hello Pink,

I am dating a younger girl- 20 years younger, actually. I am 44 and she is 24. We are worlds apart in many ways- she likes certain movies and when it comes to conversation we don’t speak the same language. I do like her but I find that my desire for her is dwindling. Yes, I am sapiosexual and a woman who can hold a conversation is what would lead me to do other things. She’s cool really- cooks well, tidies the house; she is an old soul when it comes to domestic stuff. But everything else is suffering because we have very little interests in common and like very different things. How can I fix this?


Hello Bode,

Let me first explain for those that don’t know, Sapiosexual is the sexual attraction derived from another person’s intelligence and mental acuity.

Here’s the issue, what did you expect when you started dating her? I am certain it wasn’t her ability to ‘blow’ your mind with witty conversation, rather her ability to blow something else, now you are dating her and expect her to turn to someone else for you?

From what you have described she is the best person she knows how to be based on her abilities, if you have an issue with this then it is up to you to break up with her. NICELY! However, just like you cannot be satisfied with mundane conversation, why would you want to ‘fix’ her? She is perfect just the way she is. I believe you need to find someone else for yourself – perfect for you.

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