What Does Your Choice Of Colours Say About Your Style?

Your choice of colours says as much about your personality and mood as it does your style.

Choosing colours for your outfits may seem like the most mundane of tasks. You think of it as mere routine, not putting much thought, effort or planning into it. But colours have a deep significance that should influence your clothing choices.

Besides having a tremendous effect on your personality and mood, your choice of colours reveals your style. So many are the ways to express yourself and make a fashion statement with colours that it is hard not to pay attention.

Here, we take a look at some of the most common colours and what they say about your style.

1. Red

Red dress

Red is perhaps the most attractive colour there is. It is also the only colour with an obvious sex appeal. So, if you want to get noticed and look sexy, this is your go-to colour. Besides, it exudes the kind of fierceness that makes you look in charge. Whenever you wear an outfit with this colour, you look cheerful. Your style is not only attractive if your wardrobe is predominantly red, but it is also as vivacious as it is confident.

2. Blue

Blue dress

Blue is the most soothing colour. Often associated with peace and tranquillity, this colour is said to have a calming effect on people. For interior decor, blue is a great choice for brainstorming and easing tension. It puts you in a relaxing mood and inspires creativity. When it comes to style, blue represents a warm, pleasant personality and suggests that your comfort is priority.

3. Black

Black dress

Black is one of the easiest colours to wear because it goes with anything. When it comes to style, this timeless colour is used to achieve a look of elegance and grace. Power and strength are some other qualities that the colour black connotes. If you also want to leave a little mystery about you, you should go for black clothing. Sometimes, too, this colour is considered ominous.

4. Green

Green dress

Exuding positivity and trustworthiness, the colour green is a sight for sore eyes. Green clothing is always considered beautiful. Often associated with nature and wealth, green is a good choice for people who love colours that are neither loud nor dull. Green clothing suggests a charismatic personality while representing healing and rejuvenation.

5. Orange

Orange dress

You make a strong fashion statement with the colour orange. Although it might be offputting to some people, orange represents warmth. Just like red, it gets you noticed but it is not as fierce. Orange suggests that you are the life of the party. Denoting positivity and energy, orange is perfect for a feisty style.

6. Yellow


Yellow makes for the perfect sundress because it is what people call a happy colour. It is the colour of sun, joy and laughter, and wearing it means that you are free-spirited, creative and adventurous with a burst of energy. Yellow denotes a bright and energetic style.

7. White

White dress

White, like black, is easy to wear and goes with just about anything. It represents purity, perfection and simplicity. If you find yourself picking white above other colours for your outfits, you are probably playing it safe. You might strike people as timid, though, if you wear this colour too often.

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