Martins Osagie: August 2023 Model Of The Month

We are excited to announce that Martin Osagie is our August Model of the Month and the cover star for August Model Issue. Martin Osagie Omoregbee is 23 years old Model, Dancer and a recording Artiste. He’s currently the titleholder of Mister International Nigeria as a result of becoming one of the top three Kings of the Misters of Nigeria pageant.

This automatically gives him the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the 15th Edition of the Mister International Pageant holding in Bangkok, Thailand.

In this interview with Martins Osagie, he shared with us his journey as a model, preparation for an international pageant and many more…

Congratulations on emerging Mister International Nigeria , how does that make you feel?

I feel so honored that my hard work paid off but at the same time it is really overwhelming and I’m taking everything one step at a time. 

What were the  challenges you faced during this contest and how you overcame them?

I faced a lot of pressure coming from the management and my fellow contestants. Overcoming it wasn’t so easy, I had to practice a lot to be able to make the necessary improvements. 

What would you say stood you out from other contestants?

Honestly I would say my personality. Every organization has something they look for in a contestant and it all lies in their unique personalities. 

How was the bonding with other contestants?

I have never had a difficult time relating with people and I don’t think they were an exception.

How long have you been in the modeling?

I have been modeling professionally for about two years now.

What motivated you to contest for Mister Model Nigeria?

I contested for this Pageant to justify my self-assertion that i can compete at the best level and still be productive. This Pageant has over the years, put a strong stride on making it the best Pageant show. Through this Pageant, I could easily reach my goals and become a better person. I find everything about the Misters of Nigeria Pageant encouraging.

How has winning this changed your life?

Winning has changed my life in tremendous ways that words cannot even explain, and I continue to remain focused on how much I want to use this medium to impact change.

What is the plan for you as you are preparing for an international pageant?

Getting in shape. I must be physically fit to compete in the forthcoming pageant, improving on my walk and posture, developing my talent, working on my interview skills, choosing the right wardrobe, taking care of my skin and hair, letting plenty of rest, researching on the pageant and finally I plan to just enjoy myself and live in the moment. 

What should your fans expect from you?

My fans should expect the best and absolutely nothing less.

Have you done any pet project yet? if yes, tell us about it

Yes I have, Peace and Justice, Strong institution. We already know what Peace is. Peace is simply the absence of conflict and violence, and can encompass many different forms of harmony, including interpersonal, societal, and global. Justice, on the other hand, refers to the concept of fairness and equity, where all individuals are treated equally and have access to the same opportunities and resources. Strong institutions typically refer to organizations or structures that are well-functioning, transparent, and accountable, and can provide a stable foundation for society.

Has been a pageant king ever clashed with your personality?

No, it has never clashed my personality.

Any bad experience since you started modeling?

No, I haven’t experienced any.

Who is your role model?

Emmanuel Somto.

If you were not a model, what other career would you have pursed?

My Dance Career.

Which brands are looking forward to work with?

Nike, Chappa, Boss and Tom Ford

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as the successful owner of an established brand “THE PANDA”.

How can interested brands or persons that want to work with you reach out?

[email protected]

Any message to the aspiring young male models who dream to become a pageant king?

Recognize your strengths. Being a model involves hype focus around your appearance. Understand the duties of the job. Take care of your appearance. Create a portfolio and always be optimistic because life will give you a thousand reasons to be pessimistic.

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