6 Tips For A Great Beach Photo Shoot

You know when you see those incredible beach shots on Instagram where the sky is painted pink and yellow with the rising sun; a slight breeze in the model’s hair as they rock up a storm on the sands? Well, did you know it’s possible to achieve a great photo shoot without it being strictly professional? The Model Cloud have you covered. Maybe you want to take advantage of some hot weather on the beach and don’t know where to start with your camera. Well, fear not because we’ve got just the information you need for some epic beach photos. Here’s top 6 tips to ensure you’re beach photo ready!


Get up early (very early) to catch the early morning sunrise, or stay until the sun sets for the best lighting possible. Often known as the ‘golden hour’, that hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise gives a soft light, reducing intense direct sunlight on the face and providing a more evenly exposed photo. 


Whether you’re using an iphone or a professional camera, a clearly defined focal point is a must. Whether it’s the face as the main focal point of the photo, or different parts of the body, make sure the focus doesn’t land elsewhere to keep the audience’s attention.


It’s going to get sandy – and sand and cameras/phones don’t bode well together. Ensure you’ve got a towel that you can place your equipment on and lens cloths and wipes in case the sand blows everywhere. There’s nothing worse than getting a perfect shot, and it’s covered with sand grains meaning there’s added editing to do.


To ensure the photo remains horizontally or vertically perfect, take along a tripod to hold your camera steady and prevent movement from the wind.


Bring in some exciting colour contrasts between the model, the blue ocean and the golden sands. Bright clothes like orange, red and yellow will make the photo pop.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with angles, heights and poses. Whether that’s close ups on the sand, walking along the coast or even shots on the clifftops. Photo shoots at the beach are different to most if you think outside the box. Have a look around you, scour secret corners and undiscovered areas along the beach to change the background.

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