Every Model Needs a Professional Portfolio


A portfolio is an essential tool for a model to gain professional work. It is a collection of professionally shot images that is ultimately your visual modeling CV used to advertise your skills and abilities in front of the camera.

Although professional images are not needed to apply to agencies, a portfolio is something that they will need to market you in the future and you can use to market yourself to freelance opportunities. It is almost impossible to be put forward for or apply to castings without one, as agents and casting directors will want to see that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability in front of the camera before offering you paid work.

How to create a professional portfolio

A model portfolio is a collection of professional images and your portfolio must say something about you, agencies don’t want to see pretty images, they want to see attitude, personality and ultimately how versatile you can be.

Get a professional model portfolio tailored to your personal needs.

How can Fourwall Magazine help?

Here at Fourwall Magazine you can register with a recent clear image to find out if you show model potential and gain free advice and guidance on how to progress your modelling career.

We have trained New Face consultants who can offer you the chance to visit a top studio in order to assess your potential in front of a professional photographer.

In doing so we may possibly be able to offer the opportunity to your very own professional model portfolio. A model portfolio is always an investment and an assessment photo shoot with Fourwall Magazine will give you the chance to see if it is an investment worth making.

Once you have your portfolio we have a professional support team on hand to advise you until you are signed to an agency or confidently freelancing.

What is an online portfolio?

Online model portfolio is generally a collection of photoshoot images filed online by the model, the advantage of having an online portfolio is that when a potential agent asks about your photoshoots you can easily refer them to your online portfolio website.

You can email them to agencies or clients to promote yourself, unlike prints where you only receive one copy. They also allow additional retouching, resizing and cropping where you or your agency see fit.

What is a printed portfolio?

Your printed portfolio is a book of 10 – 20 A4 fully airbrushed images. This book is what you will take along to castings and to model agency interviews to show them your modeling experience and what you are capable of in front of the camera.

Just like your digital images your printed portfolio is a collection of professional images that need to say something about you, this is why on the day of the shoot one of our professional image consultants will work with you to select the strongest shots and make sure that you have a good selection of all looks.

The Benefits

Having a printed portfolio allows a casting director or agent at your interview to flick through your book of images while you discuss the job or campaign they are looking for models for. It gives the impression that you are serious about modeling and shows that you have professional modeling experience.

How can Fourwall Magazine help?

Here at Fourwall Magazine we can help you complete your printed portfolio to get you started in modeling and then once you are signed to an agency or freelance modeling you can keep it updated with all the latest shoots and prints from your latest jobs.

To find out Fourwall Magazine can help you to create your own professional portfolio please speak to us today.

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