Be Your Own Brand For The Model Industry

From the days of physical portfolios and auditions to the digital world of websites and social media, there’s nothing more important than establishing yourself as your own personal ‘brand’.

So what can you do to get potential brands or businesses to notice you? Here are just four ways you can make yourself more appealing, and start bringing that work in:

1. Show range

One of the key things any modelling agency – and by extension, any business – will want to know about your brand is whether you have the range and depth to model in a variety of different ways. When it comes to your social media, ensure that you show you’re more than just one type of model; show that you can do alternative, high end and high street.

2. Be versatile

Versatility is a crucial feature that brands are looking for in modern models – the ability to adapt to their type of clothing or style of fashion is essential. When looking at advertising yourself on social media, consider your profile as a mini portfolio. Show off a variety of different looks with your hair and makeup, displaying just how versatile you can be.

3. Focus on your best assets

Maybe you have beautiful freckles, a unique smile or masses of stunning hair – whatever makes you a great branding opportunity and easily recognizable is something you should focus on. With modelling becoming more and more diverse, being able to keep up with what’s in fashion while maintaining your touches of uniqueness is vital. With models with unique features such as vitiligo, freckles and even limb amputations being the next big thing, what makes you ‘you’ could be a great selling point.

4. Take risks

If you want to get noticed, don’t be afraid to take small, calculated risks – after all, if your profile is the same as every other prospective model, you’re not going to stand out. Consider doing something creative with your feed such as utilizing Photoshop to make out-there collages – like Beyonce does – or opting for a simple aesthetic color theme that draws the eye.

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