Maria Romana Morini: The Journey Of Motherhood!

I am Maria Romana Morini, aka Mary Raw. I am a professional freelance photo model, I have posed for many photographers from all over Italy for years, they know me in all Italian regions and for a while also abroad thanks to my interviews. I have posed for all photographic genres, nude, erotic, fashion, glamour, and am currently on maternity leave as I have recently had a baby, Giovanni Paolo, now he is 8 months old, with whom I will soon take photos in the studio that I will share on social networks and web and I’m also pregnant again, I’m in the fifth month of pregnancy and soon posed for new photos with the baby bump for this too.

After giving birth, I will start again with my job and I will also be able to travel again, especially when the children grow up, and speaking of this I would like to talk about in this interview about women and work, about being able to live well one’s motherhood and pregnancy being models and being known on social media. It’s important that every woman, like every model, loves her body and her life thinking about both work and her private life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one excludes the other. You can feel good about yourself and dedicate yourself to your children and to taking care of your body, but in the meantime don’t abandon your dreams.

Support between women is also important, there must be no competition at work or in private life, models often experience a climate of competition at work, beauty plays a main role and it is right on the one hand, but also in private many women envy those who manage to create a family and in the meantime also be successful at work. Since I was in elementary school, having been very beautiful since I was a child, I have known people who appreciated it and people who bullied me instead, especially my female classmates, unfortunately.

I suffered a lot and for many years from the fact that they excluded me and treated me badly, even in middle and high school, then I grew up, I opened my eyes, strengthened myself and understood that I shouldn’t feel bad about it, but that my beauty was a strong point, that they did it only because they couldn’t accept that I was more beautiful and they blamed me unjustly, that I had to leave them to their suffering and think about my happiness instead and I had my revenge by being successful thanks to the my beauty, working with my beauty as a model. now in addition to being known throughout Italy as a photo model, I am also well known on social networks, especially Instagram, my nickname is Maryraw_official.

This visibility brings positive and negative things. There are “keyboard lions” who are obviously much less than my fans, they are 4 or 5 girls, who have tried to criticize me, to belittle me, out of envy for my success and my beauty and happiness even in their private life which they don’t have, but by now, I’m so used to this kind of people, like i said, I laugh about it and enjoy answering them sarcastically every now and then, but I always put them in their place, so they should do all my fellow models who are known on social media with their haters. I have many projects in mind for when the children grow up and I will have more time to completely rededicate myself to my work. I’m not talking about it because I’m a bit superstitious and I just want positive energy, but I’ve already organized various news for my fans.

In all of this I hope to honor the memory of my father, Giovanni Morini, who was a crime reporter for many years at Ansa, in Rome, and who always wanted me to become a photo model. I have to thank my father, even though he’s been dead for a few years now, for the values ​​he passed on to me and the self-confidence, for making me travel around the world seeing beautiful places and staying in the best hotels and eating in the best restaurants , but always making me understand the value of money, that even if you are economically privileged you must never flaunt your wealth, but think about remaining classy, ​​elegant and educated. Thanks Dad. I miss you. Thanks also to my fans, to those who tried to hurt me in life but instead made me stronger, to my family and to myself who managed to make a dream come true and I will make many more dreams true! 

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