The Residency Notice

Lagos Residency in Lagos at Tantoloun Productions.

After a two weeks residency at Centre Choreographique Multicorps, Cotonou, Benin Republic in April, to create the dance piece ‘To-Be’, we are having another one week residency in Lagos this August, to further develop the piece, which will be performed at the end of the residency.

This collaboration between Tantoloun Productions (Nigeria) and Walo Dance Company (Benin), reflects the desire of both companies to attract a new audience and diversify in their space.
‘TO BE’ is a stepping stone for other cross-border projects and we could not be more excited about partnering with each other than being continually circumscribed.

Through this work in progress we wish to develop the intersection of our arts. Hoping to receive support from cultural spaces and especially from festivals in Africa and around the world.

The dance piece is about becoming, the act and willingness to be who we are meant to be, and the enablement to create a new and peaceful environment with equity, without global crisis. Focusing on the set goal without any set back, regardless of what the society says, and at the same time, not neglecting control, guidance, sacrifice, discipline and the rigorous process of becoming and creating a safe and better environment.

The piece was developed using real life experiences of young people in Benin Republic as a reference to human experiences from other parts of the world. The interviews done and other voices used in the creation are in French and other local languages.

With the use of bass guitar, Bata drums, Djembe and shakers, the performers on stage represent intercessors Intervening and travailing people’s pains and frustrations of becoming.

A showcase of the work in progress
DATE: Tuesday 13th August
VENUE: Shodex Garden
TIME: 3:45pm prompt
Conception/Dancers: Lucrece Atchade Sidoine and Esther Essien
Percussions: Babatunde Goodluck
Music/Artistic Direction: Oyebisi Tosin A.

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