Special Issue: Face Of Wave Nigeria 2022

Welcome to the Special Issue with Face of Wave Nigeria, a prestigious pageant showcasing the positive attributes of young Nigerian girls. This issue featured 2022 winners of Face of Wave Nigeria and some interesting interviews.

Face of Wave Nigeria is an online pageant brand with the primary objective of helping the girl child with the platform to achieve their dreams hence the motto, “We crown Queens and train fighters”. It is always a win-win situation as a contestant of our contests because you might have missed the crown but you definitely would not miss other life values, exposure and insights about life which equip you for other challenges ahead.


NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: “This issue is incredibly special to me, featuring not only a beauty queens but those who doesn’t let their dreams remain dreams. As I reflect back on what has been an amazing journey of doing what I truly love, I hope it inspires our readers to believe in their own dreams and achieve it.” – Emmanuel Abazu

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