What is PURPOSE? PURPOSE is the reason for your existence. It is the reason for which something is done or created. If you do not know why you are here on earth, ask God to help you “POSE” according to His will, so that you may be “POSITIONED” in line with your “PUR-POSE”.

Be Careful With Your Life! Have you ever pondered what happens when you are with a stranger in the night in the name of pleasure? The period where you seem to be at the state of unconsciousness?The period where you cease to respond to your environment but seem to be more active in the dream […]

Universally Monday tends to be the day people dislike the most, but is it really? Well the startling truth is YES! Nobody looks forward to Monday because reality sinks in that those two days of freedom and fun are over and its time to make the transition from leisure time to work time.

Hello Evolving Girl, Things happen in life that leave us changed… different than we were before they happened. Sometimes, friend, the changes are amazing and wonderful and awesome…yet sometimes they leave us feeling wounded, raw and confused…maybe even broken. Either way, we are changed because of what has happened…even if we did not set out […]

None of us can know for sure how our day will end, let alone our whole life story. We can’t know every road that we will take, or every road that we will have to choose from. We can’t know what will show up, who will show up or when.